Personal story submitted by Tiffany – Pine Needles Lane, USA

I lived in a house with Toxic mold. It nearly killed me.

I had no idea what was causing my health problems until I went into anaphylactic shock.

Condensation in air conditioning ducts created a horror chamber of toxic mold in the crawl space beneath the house. Negative pressure was sucking mold into the house through a trap door in the floor and worse yet, the air conditioning circulated the mold spores throughout the entire house 24/7.

The house had previously flooded (a water heater in the attic) so the house was an incubator for an extensive mold infestation. The air-borne particle count was off the scale.

I can tell you from personal experience, there is NOTHING worse than shrooming on toxic mushroom spores. Mold remediation is difficult if not impossible.

ALL molds are toxic if you’re allergic to them-especially penicillin. Aspergillosis is now the 2nd most common fungal infection requiring hospitalization in the United States. If you think mold isn’t harmful, then you’re a fool.

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