The Windsor Cove Apartment complex in Orlando, Florida, owned and operated by the Global Ministries Foundation, and received a Notice of Default from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) this past month for being in default of the HUD Housing Assistance Payments program. Inspectors also found a total of 59 health and safety deficiencies(HSD) that include mold.

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On April 27, 2016 the Real Estate Assessment Center (“REAC”) inspected the Project and the Project received a score of 48, c*. The inspection report identified serious deficiencies that demonstrate the Owner is in default of the HAP Contract and HAP Renewal Contract. Some of the deficiencies cited in the REAC report include, but are not limited to the following:

* 59 health and safety deficiencies(HSD) were observed

* Damaged Soffits/Fascia (Roofs)

* Obstructed or Missing Accessibility Route (FHEO Accessibility to Main Floor Entrance)

* Unit – Damaged Hardware/Locks (Doors)

* Unit – Damaged/Missing Screens (Windows) and HS

* Mold and/or Mildew Observed (Air Quality)

This is the man in charge of overseeing the day to day affairs of the organization, Rev. Richard L. Hamlet – President and CEO, Global Ministries Foundation.

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Senator Marco Rubio had issued this statement about the Windsor Cove Apartment complex, and its owners, Global Ministries Foundation, and Rev Richard Hamlet;

“After witnessing the atrocious conditions at Windsor Cove during my visit with Senator Nelson earlier this week, I am not surprised by the news that another property owned by the Global Ministries Foundation has received a Notice of Default. This is one more exhibit in the slam-dunk case against the slumlords running these complexes and stealing money from the American taxpayers.

“Inspectors found 59 health and safety deficiencies at the property, including damaged roofs, obstructed accessibility routes, broken locks, stuck windows, and of course, air quality polluted by mold. Global Ministries Foundation keeps leaving behind the same signature trail of mismanagement, resident intimidation, and the stench of rotting mold at every property they own.

“The clock has started for Mr. Hamlet to remediate these deficiencies, and he has 60 days to do it. For the sake of the families and small children that are trapped in this slum, I hope he meets this deadline. But 60 days of living in the presence of health-damaging conditions is far too long for the residents of Windsor Cove.

“The amendments I added to H.R. 2577 would reduce the amount of time an owner has to respond to physical deficiencies to 15 days and if he doesn’t, gives HUD 30 days to develop a plan to fix it. They would also give tenants access to temporary relocation assistance in situations just like this where health threats have been found, but the property has not yet been condemned. I urge the conferees for H.R. 2577 to make these amendments a priority to ensure the health and safety of public housing tenants nationwide.”

Apparently this has been going on for a long time. In July 2015, local news station, WFTV 9 ABC had reported:

Kelveena Green is one of few tenants who isn’t afraid to show 9 Investigates the conditions at Windsor Cove, on Mercy Drive.

Carefully walking through a pool of water, she showed investigative reporter Daralene Jones a leak inside her son’s closet. Several buckets catch the water dripping through her ceiling, even leaking into a light bulb.

“I’m swimming in a pool of water every day, and my kids are getting sick,” Green said.

Most in the complex fear going on camera but showed Jones patchwork sealing of leaks, peeling paint and melted electrical outlets. And outside, trash is piling up, plastic supplements metal gutters and exposed electrical boxes are feet from where children play.

“I’ve had mold. I’ve had electricity problems,” said one longtime resident, who didn’t want to show her face.

However, she told Jones she was speaking out in hopes it helps the next tenant who moves in after she leaves.

According to Orange County Property Appraiser records, Global Ministries Foundation bought the complex in 2012 for $9.1 million.

Code Enforcement has logged more than 100 complaints and violations at the Section 8 property, and it’s fielding two complaints a day since a sweep in May.

Read more from WFTV 9 ABC

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