ABC 8 News is reporting the the William Fox Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia has been temporarily shut down due to a toxic mold problem. School officials claim the mold is confined to the school’s basement where students eat, take art, and music classes.

“They had found sufficient mold counts to require remediation to close the building and wash down all the surfaces. They’re removing the insulation around the pipes where the mold is forming,” said Librarian Faithe Norrell.

“I personally think that’s unacceptable. I think they should have caught that earlier and treated it,” said Heather Morris.

“They came through in maybe 1999 and put in air conditioning units similar to what you have in hotel rooms. Since they have been in, they have not been functioning. They leak and we have warped wooden floors where the water has come out onto the floors so now this mold has been showing up, ” added Norrell.


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