Water Damage Restoration – Call 1 (855) 786-6653

If your residential or commercial property has sustained water damage, please call us at 1 (855) 786-6653. Mold Safe Solutions offer’s fast 24/7 emergency response services and our team can often be on-site in 60 minutes or less.

When you experience water damage, immediate action is crucial in order to prevent mold growth and further damage to your home or business. By calling Mold Safe Solutions, we will perform a professional inspection of the damage and give you a detailed plan of action so we can fix your problems in the fastest, safest and most affordable way possible.

We work with homeowners, management companies, and local businesses. We can also help you deal with your insurance company by working directly with your insurance adjuster and bill your insurance directly so you do not have to worry about the paperwork.

Mold Safe Solutions offers emergency water damage and restoration services in San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties and all the cities in between.

For 24 hour emergency service or to get a free quote, please call 1 (855) 786-6653 or fill out the online form below

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