The Independent Florida Alligator reported this past week on University of Florida students who are currently living in one of the oldest campuses in Florida, Fletcher Hall, are complaining big time about mold in the building. In fact it is so bad that the mold is infecting their school books, beds, pillows and clothes. One student named, Craig Ashmeade said he returned to his dorm after Winter Break to a bed covered in mold.

According to the Alligator, “in Fletcher Hall, students wage war against green and black demons.

It’s on their clothes, hats and pillows. The fuzzy bits of mold devour books and slip between sheets.

Donovan Kryak sleeps with them every night. The 20-year-old UF computer science sophomore moved into Fletcher in Fall.

“I’m essentially living in a petri dish,” he said. “It’s more than just a general nuisance. When it affects my health it actually gets in the way.”

Kryak’s said his housing fee is covered by Florida Prepaid, but he’s decided to move off-campus after having to put up with the mold.

On May 1, he’ll move out of Fletcher Hall. And he’s counting down the days.

“I’m moving into an apartment because I just can’t deal with the on-campus stuff anymore,” he said.

UF Spokeswoman, Janine Sikes said she couldn’t comment specifically on mold in Fletcher because she isn’t aware of the entire situation.

But she said UF deals with mold-type issues in buildings across campus due to the university’s age and climate.

“We are one of the oldest campuses in Florida,” she said. “We do tend to have more of those kinds of issues than other universities or newer universities.

The UF Physical Plant, iService and Environmental Health and Safety are used to remedy the problem, she said.

Alexandra Nelson, a resident in Fletcher, deals with the mold herself.

The 19-year-old UF biology sophomore said she’s found it behind her door, bed posts, and her pillowcase.

“It’s really a lot of mold. I try to clean it as best as I can,” Nelson said.

She said she doesn’t consider the mold a major issue, but two others on her floor have moved out.

“When you live in a dorm that’s this old, that’s just going to be a problem,” she said.

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This mold problem at Fletcher Hall is not new news. It has been known for several years. A quick Google search shows that people have been talking about the mold and humidity issues all the way back to 2010.

A website called has various student discussions talking about how Fletcher Hall is very old and run down. They also say that the humidity and mold is a big problem there.

Here are some of the comments:

Flectcher is the worst out of the Murphree Area as it has a lot of mold issues.

Hi – My cousin was assigned, not by choice to, Fletcher last year, and in response to your question, allow me to provide you with my opinion. Although Florida in general occasionally has 100 % humidity and mold and mildew are a common side effect of high humidity, Fletcher Hall is old and run-down and many of the windows are shut closed and the air circulation problem is quite noticeable. In my opinion, if your kid has any type of allergies, AVOID Fletcher and the Towers will be a better choice.”

In the Summer, that is the case with the entire Murphree Area since the buildings are old but during the Fall/Spring it is not that bad, and its even better away from the 1st floor.

Althougth, Fletcher is notorious for mold and asbestos so I would avoid that one lol.”

IMAGE SOURCE: By Douglas Whitaker at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5

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