The insurance industry makes money by taking in monthly insurance payments from its policy holders and it loses money by paying claims to these same said policy holders. This is how they stay in business by taking in more money for monthly insurance policies, then what they payout.

It is simple capitalistic math.

The better track record they have in balancing their business model, then the more investment capital they get from Wall Street investors who will invest in their stock. This is also how they make money.

With that said, it makes business sense that in order to protect their profits and shareholders, that they will do what is necessary which includes, but is not limited to issuing propaganda, misinformation, and lies to sustain their business model. There is no law that says that people and business cannot lie, withhold pertinent information and distribute misinformation.

This is the basis of capitalism. But unfortunately with the capitalistic entity that we know as insurance companies, people’s health will be compromised and some people will die because of these lies. All in the name of blood stained profit!

This screenshot below proves my point. It was shared by a friend on Facebook who is taking online CE courses to renew her P&C Insurance License, and it shows the blatant lies that they are teaching insurance agents about sick building illnesses. Essentially, they are training insurance agents to believe that sick-building illnesses are psychological in nature and are not rooted in fact.

Hence, they want everyone to believe that people who are ill from water damaged buildings are liars who live in a moldy illusion.

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