Many people who have a mold illness (fungal infection) suffer from stomach and digestive issues along with chronic fatigue
and a whole host of other symptoms. I know these facts all too well because my family and especially my 9-year-old son who has also been inflicted with these same health problems.

The 2016 study below of a 25-year-old previously healthy male who had suffered from gastroenteritis, bloody diarrhea, and chronic fatigue syndrome shows how mold can be the culprit behind these devastating health problems.

I’m sure a lot of you who are reading this can relate with these health issues and maybe you can share this study with your health care providers in order to prove to them that toxic mold may in fact be the cause of your illnesses.

The doctors treating the young man found a new-onset refractory ulcerative colitis (RUC), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and other symptoms were caused by the infamous toxic black mold known as Stachybotrys chartarum. The patient had undergone urine mycotoxin panel testing which was positive for trichothecene group and air filter testing from the patient’s water-damaged rental house identified the toxic mold.

Here is an excerpt from the study:

“HLA-DR/DQ testing revealed a multisusceptible haplotype for development of chronic inflammation, and serum chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) biomarker testing was positive for highly elevated TGF-beta and a clinically undetectable level of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP).

Following elimination of biotoxin exposures, VIP replacement therapy, dental extractions, and implementation of a mind body intervention-relaxation response (MBI-RR) program, the patient’s symptoms resolved. He is off medications, back to work, and resuming normal exercise.

This patient’s unusual clinical presentation of CIRS biomarker-positive RUC and CFS required a multidisciplinary medical team (family practice, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, biological dentistry, functional medicine, and pathology) to achieve successful treatment of multi-system symptoms arising from immune disturbance.

Consistent communication between physicians allowed coordination of supportive care while continuing the search for, and elimination of, root causes of his disease. Further multi-disciplinary studies and case reports are clearly needed to firmly establish a link between disturbance of immune homeostasis and multi-system diseases such as RUC and CFS.

Looking retrospectively at this patient’s illness, CIRS bio-marker testing at the first clinical presentation of immune disturbance, followed by immediate identification and elimination of biotoxin exposures, could have considerably shortened his illness.

We therefore hope that in the future, genetically susceptible patients with reversible conditions arising from biotoxin-mediated immune disturbance (turbatio immuno) will be identified early in their disease course by CIRS biomarker testing so that clinicians can immediately implement effective treatment.”

Source: Reversal of Refractory Ulcerative Colitis and Severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms Arising from Immune Disturbance in an HLADR/DQ Genetically Susceptible Individual with Multiple Biotoxin Exposures


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