Imagine having to go to work every day wearing a mask over your mouth and nose to protect yourself from a mold infestation at your workplace. Then just think the stress you would be under if this toxic mold problem that was causing you and your coworkers to be sick was ignored for over two years.

That is exactly what is going on in South Carolina at the Spartanburg County Courthouse after it was flooded and water damaged over two years ago. Since that time, the staff which includes county court clerks, judges and the public have been exposed daily to toxic mold that in wreaking havoc on their well being.

WSPA Channel 7 reports:

Clerk of Court Hope Blackley showed us photos of the flooding and the mold that comes after. She’s been pushing the county to take action for two years.

“This particular courtroom, I’ve had a judge, just a couple of weeks ago say, you know, I can’t go back in there, I feel sick every time I go in there.”

The photos show how the air vents in that room were covered in black.

Even after being replaced, the recent indoor environmental quality investigation revealed “Microbial contamination within the wall cavity” of the courtroom.

The Solicitor’s wing has elevated levels of mold in the air.

Judge Turner’s room has toxic black mold in the walls.

But what concerns employees the most is the fact that there are spores in the HVAC system.

We talked with the President of JMAC Environmental, John McNamara, who said “It’s possible for a mold bloom to occur and to be blown into and through the supply ducts, and that’s also past the filtration.”

The Jury is out on whether the county will need a new courthouse altogether some day. But for now, it’s agreed to put up $300,000 toward the mold remediation.

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