This $2.2 million dollar lawsuit settlement that involves the wrongful death of an innocent 3-year-old boy from California who died of a fatal fungal colonization of Aspergillus.

The plaintiffs included his father, mother, and sister who hired the San Diego attorneys Jeffrey LaFave & Katie Chifcian who sued the former landlord, property manager, and the remediation company that was hired to investigate mushroom growth that was occurring in the boy’s bedroom.

The young boy was immunocompromised from a prior kidney transplant. The plaintiff’s attorneys had a tough time fighting the defense counsel on medical causation, but they ultimately prevailed in winning $2.2 million for the poor family who lost their son and brother.

My family was seriously made ill by mold in a home we had rented in Carlsbad, California. My poor son suffered in serious pain for the neglect of our greedy landlord that caused him to be wheelchair bound

The facts are mold makes millions of people ill every year and kills many people. It is one of the biggest cover-ups of our time.

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