In 2006, the San Diego Insider reported on the case of toxic mold exposures within San Diego County, including several San Diego Unified School District schools and an apartment. Over 130 people, many of whom were dedicated teachers from Sherman Elementary and Kennedy Elementary had signed statements saying that their health had been effected from working in the moldy schools.

The school then had hired their own mold inspector who said there was no mold. They also had school district representative, Tom Mitchell, who seems like a good defense actor with a stone face, vehemently deny that there was ever an issue with mold at the schools. He basically says they were all lying and that the schools were just fine.

This video is another example of how multiple government employees got sick from a moldy building they had worked in, and the paid employer officials deny their claims. Over 130 people had claimed they were sick and many stated they could see visible mold in the schools and even in the air vents. Most of them were teachers who really had no reason to lie.

Later, the school district had decided to just tear down the two schools. They stated the alleged reason was not because of mold, but other issues such as the age of the structures etc.

Personally, I think that they are full of BS. What do you think?

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