Mold can make anyone sick. The young, the old and even the faithful God fearing people of our world.

A group of Orthodox Christian nuns were sick and did not know why. It wasn’t until they discovered their home of 18 years was contaminated with mold that they found the cause of their illnesses.

The sisters make a living by making and selling beeswax candles at the Stanwood convent the sisters of the Convent of the Meeting of the Lord in in Snohomish County, Virginia. Unfortunately, they had to move out of the toxic home and their business has slowed.

The cost to perform mold remediation of the convent is estimated to be anywhere from $10,000 and $30,000.

King 5 News reports:

“Pray hard, work hard, trust God. That’s what I hear all the time from the sisters,” said neighbor Karen Lien.

Lien started a Go Fund Me page for the nuns.

“We had a yard sale to raise money for them and they kept giving things away,” said Lien. “They are so selfless! I think it’s good that they see it’s reciprocal. They are here for their community and the rest of the community is here for them, too.”

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