A Florida woman is suing the Oakwood Apartments in Hollywood for water leaks and toxic mold that she said caused the death of her husband.

Sometime after complaining to management the leaks and mold that were never fixed, Muriel Kostner found her 67 year old husband, Sheldon “Shelly” Kostner dead on the floor with black stuff oozing from his mouth.

WSVN Channel 7 News reported: Muriel Kostner (translation of): “When I came home at 5 from work, I found him laying on the rug, and black stuff was coming out of his mouth.”

Muriel says Sheldon had been extremely sick for months, short of breath and lethargic. Doctors weren’t sure why.

And then she found out three other neighbors in the building were also dealing with mysterious health issues.

Marisol Parejah: “I just felt drained all the time, and I didn’t understand why. My dog had rashes on his skin, my daughter was sleeping all day. My voice got really hoarse. I could barely speak.”

Marisol and Muriel say they both started to see mold growing on the walls in their apartments before Sheldon passed away. They say they complained, but their landlord ignored their cries for help.

Marisol Parejah: “They didn’t care.”

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