Former California senator and Los Angeles City Councilman, Nate Holden is suing his condominium complex for water damage and mold caused by a water leak that made him ill.

The 87 year old Holden alleges in the lawsuit against the Marina City Club and Marina City Club Condominium Owners Association, that he was forced to move in July 2015 after 20 years due to a reoccurring water leak in his condominium from a neighbor’s unit.

A mold inspection later revealed the presence of toxic black mold, and a “significant moisture and water damage.’’

The complaint states that Holden began to have health problems that coincided with the timing of the water leak.

The former senator is suing for breach of contract, negligence, premises liability and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Holden seeks unspecified damages, according to the lawsuit.

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