A recent news article in the BBC reported that more than one million people die from fungal (mold) infections around the world each year. Scientists had said that mold kills more people than malaria or breast cancer but that it is not considered a priority.

According to the BBC, the warning comes as doctors in England say a new strain of fungi is causing outbreaks in hospitals.

Public Health England said “Candida auris appears to be unlike other pathogenic yeast species in its propensity for transmission between hospital patients” and warned it was resistant to the first choice anti-fungal drug.

Dr Berit Muller-Pebody, from Public Health England, said: “This species of Candidais emerging globally.

Prof Neil Gow, from the University of Aberdeen, said, “Yet there are no vaccines and there is a “pressing need” for new treatments.

Prof Gow further added, “Most people know about mild fungal infections, but nobody’s ever died from athlete’s foot. However, a million people die a year from fungal infections and we need to understand these different types of infection and how to deal with them. It’s an underappreciated problem and it’s a very serious challenge in the parts of the world least equipped to deal with it.”

So, here we have a known cause for approximately over one million deaths worldwide and kills more people than malaria and breast cancer, but it is not a priority and is underappreciated by the medical community, health activists and the media.

What is really going on here? This doesn’t make any sense at all.

If we know that mold is killing over a million people, you would think that the medical community and media would do more to put a spotlight on this deadly organism that is wreaking havoc all around the world like a modern day plague.

In studying the article and reading between the lines, it appears that “some scientists” are basically saying that the medical community is sweeping this huge health issue under the rug as if it doesn’t exist. They are simply ignoring and or hiding the deadly facts from the public as over a million people a year die and families are left in ruins.

I know here in the U.S.and especially in the medical community, it is almost as if these facts are nonexistent. Most doctors are not taught in medical school and are completely ignorant of the facts that mold can cause illness, disease and death.

Are people insane or is this just one of the biggest cover ups in the history of the world?

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