This press release from the Harlandale Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas, is warning parents and students about mold. The school district made the announcement last Thursday stating they believed the mold is related to air conditioning systems. Students were sent home with notices about mold at 10 different campuses within the district.

This video is by News 4:

Here is the press release:

Harlandale ISD recently became aware of the presence of mold in certain facilities. It is believed that the mold is related to HVAC systems designed and installed by the party in the identified facilities. The district is currently involved in litigation in an effort to hold the party we believe is responsible for the mold issue. The name and style of the case is Harlandale Independent School District v. Trane, Case No. 2012-CI-14254, in the 57TH District Court, Bexar County, Texas.

Currently, Harlandale ISD is in the process of relocating students and staff in the most affected areas to ensure their safety during the remediation process.

These areas include:

1. McCollum High School, 100 Wing
2. Leal Middle School, Rooms 24, 33, 36, 40
3. Harlandale Middle School, Room B-112
4. Kingsborough Middle School, Rooms 113, 201, 202, 205
5. Carroll Bell Elementary School
6. Vestal Elementary School Rooms 206, 211
7. Fenley Center, Room 106, 203, 204, 207
8. Scheh Center, Room 101

Harlandale ISD’s top priority is the welfare and safety of our students and staff. As a family working together, please be assured, we are acting in the best interest of our students and staff. Thank you for your support and patience during this time.
For more information about mold remediation, click here.

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