In the video below, Fox 2 News in Detroit is reporting about a young mother, Cherelle Ingram and her three kids who rented an apartment that was infected with mold when they moved in. The property management company had initially cleaned up the mold, but it came back. I would assume the reason was because whatever they did to clean the mold was not professionally and adequately done.

Ingram says that her kids had got sick from the mold. She then complained to management, but they would not come fix the problem for almost a year. It wasn’t until she called Fox 2 News that the property management firm responded by saying, “Residents are very important to us. This is the first time I heard of the situation. I will investigate, and take care of it within industry protocol.”

They then rushed to clean the mold from Ingram’s apartment in order to save face with the media.

However in my opinion, based on the video showing the clean up job, that it looks like they again probably had their own maintenance crew just wipe up the mold with bleach and painted over the infected areas. They should have hired a professional mold removal/remediation firm to perform the work. This is not the mold removal industry standard, but more like the property management/landlord cheap and unsafe standard which is very, very common.

Therefor, I would bet that there is still mold in this Detroit apartment and it will come back sooner or later.

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