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FoxNews.com is reporting on a group of ill U.S. veterans who have been exposed to toxic black mold for months at a Chicago-area VA hospital.

The vets claim that many patients have become ill, and some have even died over the last few months at the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital.

They have been attempting to get help, but have been getting the run around from hospital staff, and insisted on meeting with staff. Still nothing was done….

18 residents had signed and sent a letter on April 22 to Illinois Senator, Mark Kirk, pleading for someone to clean up the toxic mold.

“Granted, these poor souls (veterans-patients who reside in the RCF unit) are a group of … patients who need around the clock care, but still there seems to be a high number of both staff and patient illnesses, and a very high rate of death for the RCF unit veterans,” the letter said.

According to Fox News, Kirk, chairman of the Senate Appropriations VA subcommittee, fired off a letter earlier this week to a VA supervisor seeking answers on the mold problem. “The saddest part about this work is that there seems to be no bottom – each time we discover a problem, there always seems to be a cover-up, instances of willful incompetence, and/or another problem right around the corner,” he wrote.

Kirk previously has criticized Hines management over an infestation of cockroaches in the hospital kitchen, prompting him to author a bill requiring mandatory outside health inspections.

The VA says it is moving to address the mold situation.

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