Fox News in Springfield Illinois is reporting the Taylor Public Library located at 121 W Vine St, Taylorville, IL 62568 has been closed due

taylor library mold
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to a leak that caused mold to grow within the walls.

The Taylor Library released this official public announcement below. An interesting note is that they do not mention that the library was closed due to mold:

“The Building Committee informally toured the library building and after further consideration the members present agreed it was in the best interest of the public to temporarily close the library at the end of the day on
Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

The industrial hygienist will re-evaluate the building on Wednesday, April 13 and provide a remediation recommendation to the Library Board. The remediation will begin as soon as possible.

The library will remain closed until further notice. Patrons are asked to return books in the outside book drops as they come due. Books ordered from other libraries will be returned and can be reordered when the library reopens. All other normal library operations will be suspended until the library reopens.

We appreciate the understanding of the public in this unfortunate situation.”

Mold has closed down a local library. Taylorville Public Library officials discovered it growing in March.

Occupational Environmental Health Solutions President James Barnes said there are several different kinds of mold in one wing of the library; black mold being one of them.

“Showed signs of moisture, and when we opened the wall we found that we had a pressure line in there that had cracked. And when we pulled the dry wall out to see what the extent of the damages was we found mold,” said Taylorville Public Library Board of Trustees President Gary Merker.

Merker said they hope to learn as soon as this coming Friday whether there is mold growing elsewhere in the building.

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