KSPC 33 ABC, is reporting that the Missouri Ozark County Ambulance Station is set to be demolished after employees had complained they were getting sick for years, and an inspector found nine different types of mold in the building.

Officials said the design of the building may have caused the mold infestation which was extensive, and that it will be cheaper to demolish the structure than to repair.

This story is yet another example proving that many of our government officials know the dangers of mold. But the general public is often left to fend for themselves in their water damaged and toxic mold infested rentals.

More often than not, their landlords refuse to fix the problems and/or help them.They often either evict or let their sick tenants move out and then just recklessly paint over the mold, which then exposes the next set of unfortunate renters to the deadly toxins.

All the while, many local city, county, state and federal government officials conveniently turn a blind eye to the problem as if does not exist. Yet, because of mold, county fire stations are being torn down, ambulance stations like this one are being demolished, and 4,000 feet of mold-infested ductwork are being removed from the brand new Offutt Air Force Base at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to U.S. tax payers.

KSPC 33 ABC reports – “The mold got so bad:

“This is where they’re mostly staying now. The primary areas where the most mold was found was the sleeping rooms which were in the back part of the building,” Delp said.

Officials said the inspector even found mold in the paneling outside.

“A high content of spores, mold spores, were around the air conditioning unit and you can see all the drainage and moss,” said Delp. “The inspector found the moisture content of the panel walls out there was 18 percent in some places. He said it should be 3 percent.”

Officials said even the building’s design contributed to the mold build up.

“We’re estimating it was built in the ’40s. It’s old and wasn’t taken care of or designed well,” Delp said. “It was bad from the beginning.”

Even after nine types of mold were discovered at this ambulance station, ten year veteran Howard said she is not going anywhere.

“We’re like a family here,” Howard said.

Howard said she and her coworkers will continue taking care of the 9,000 people in their district.

“We just do what we need to do,” Howard said.

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