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The Eagle Tribune is reporting that many people who work at the Methuen City Hall in Essex County, Massachusetts, are getting sick from mold exposure.

Workers are contracting bronchitis and asthma, and they claim that these health issues developed after they started working at City Hall. One of these workers, Tricia Rosanio had said, “Now I can barely walk up a flight of stairs, especially in the building, without coughing.”

The Eagle Tribune article is titled, “Worker health complaints prompt mold study at City Hall”

Visible evidence

What appears to be mold is visible in several parts of the Searles Building that houses the City Hall offices, notably between the first floor and the basement on what would be the right side of the building if entering from the rear parking lot.

Past the customer service center on the first floor that houses offices including the city clerk’s is a set of stairs that leads down to the basement. Following those stairs down, apparent mold, water staining and damage becomes visible from parts of the ceiling to the columns on the walls.

A door marked as an emergency exit mostly seals off a room that, when entered, smells of moisture and mildew. The rectangular frame surrounding the door does not reach all the way to the top of the arched entryway to the room.

The stairs continue down from there to a hallway that leads to the boiler room and the lower entrance to City Hall, where water damage is also visible.

“What comes out of that room goes straight down that hallway into the building,” said DePardo, who is also a city health inspector.

He added that since the stairwells in the building were “all open,” there was an air exchange going through the building that could transfer mold particles around.

Despite the mold and the sealed room, DePardo and Rosanio said they, as employees in the building, had not been told to stay away from that area.

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