On July 30, the Martin County Kentucky Animal Shelter was evacuated by a county building inspector due to toxic mold caused by a water leak a month ago.

Officials at the shelter said they need help getting 37 cats vetted so they can be moved to rescues ASAP. The dogs are being sent to rescues this coming week. They also stated that this mold is the kind that causes neurological damage and memory loss. This Shelter is NOT safe for animals or humans!!

According to the shelter’s Facebook page, “A month ago, the hallway ceiling started to leak water. Now the ceiling is black with mold, and it is toxic black mold, according to a building inspector. The county-judge executive office has been notified. Until the problem is fixed, the shelter will not be taking any more animals.”

The shelter created a Youcaring fundraiser to raise money for the costs associated with the evacuation and mold remediation which must be done by a licensed mold removal company.

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