This article from the Cleveland Advocate about a mold problem at the Liberty County Courthouse in Texas is a perfect example of the toxic mold propaganda that is clouding up the truth all across the nation.

For example, a workshop was held at the Hartel Building in Liberty, Texas, on Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 3 where Bill Callahan of SERVPRO makes the statement that no dangerous black mold was discovered after testing was done and counts were not very high.

But he leaves out a very important fact point by not naming the mold or molds that were found in the building.

This is a classic diversion tactic that states generalities as if all mold is just mold and that the species does not matter when in fact it does matter. His statement is akin to me saying there is a fish in the water, but in reality it is a great white shark.

The County Director of Maintenance Billy Brown tells commissioners that 16 different air tests in the courthouse revealed elevated mold counts in four areas on the first floor and in the jury room on the third floor, but that those counts were not very high.

“It wasn’t really ‘off the charts’ at all,” Brown said.

SERVPRO’S Callahan then says, “They found some elevated mold count in four offices,” but he explained the level of mold found inside the courthouse to be only mildly above outside levels.

He then throws out numbers saying that the normal level found outdoors would be 1,230 counts per meter cubed which is complete BS, and in the office the count was only 1,400.

Brown the says, “The molds detected are the most common types of mold, present in the air outdoors every day, he and Brown explained.”

The mold facts are that outdoor mold spore counts may vary widely with respect to season, time, weather, temperature, humidity, period after rainfall, species, and amount.

Molds that are present in the air everyday does not mean they are safe and or harmless. There is no specific number that defines either safe or unsafe mold exposure. In addition, the mold counts indoors should be lower than the outdoors. This is mold inspection 101.

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