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This story pisses me off. I know at this very moment, thousands, and thousands of mold infested homes are being sold all across the U.S. to unsuspecting homebuyers.

Simply put, these lying dangerous real estate agents and home sellers need to be stopped for putting people’s health and lives at risk over making a sale and commission.

Hell, they should be put in jail!

Fox 31 Denver is reporting on a wise couple who recently were buying a condominium in Denver, Colorado’s hot housing market, and decided to have a mold inspection done on the property before they completed the sale.

The inspector had found extremely high levels of stachybotrys, or toxic mold, in the ceiling and in the air.

The couple had presented the mold findings to the real estate agents, Kim Lackey and her associate Jesse Handley. Apparently they dismissed the report. The couple said, “The listing agent basically dismissed our concerns even though she was given a copy of the report.”

Fox News reports; “They contacted the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers so they could warn other buyers about the hidden dangers. The couple said they were concerned the listing agents would fail to disclose the toxic mold to the next buyer.

“This isn’t a missing door knob, this isn’t a broken water heater. This is a health hazard,” said the former potential buyers, who did not want to be identified.

The Problem Solvers went undercover with hidden cameras to see the dangerous mold found inside and how it could be cleaned up.

Realtor Kim Lackey and her associate Jesse Handley were showing the Garfield Street home.

Handley showed the four-bedroom, four-bathroom Tuscany-style condo located in the heart of Cherry Creek.

“And the inspector said it’s not bad mold. It’s just moisture mold,” Handley said.

The realtor also suggested that anybody could clean it up with some bleach.

“It would just take some bleach and water,” Handley said.

Read more at Fox News 31

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