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The director of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, Judy Bradshaw has been working for months to get rid of mold that was found in
the building, and is now pushing government officials to demolish the academy’s old, decrepit and moldy structure.

A mold inspection was done on the building in December 2015, which “indicated high levels of black mold throughout the building, namely on the administrative side, as well as the dorm and classroom sides of the building.”

Bradshaw says the cleaning is only a bandage for the old, decrepit building. She estimates that renovations would cost between $6 million and $10 million, and completely replacing the building would be about $15 million, according to KCCI Channel 8 News.

However, government officials are opposed to the demolition of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy due to the costs, and claim there is no money in the state budget.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad told Channel 5 News, “I’ve had personal experience with black mold at Terrace Hill, so I know it’s a serious thing that we have to deal with. I want to give the Law Enforcement Academy credit for, once they identified it, working very carefully to protect the safety and health of the people that are going through the academy.”


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