Moldy schools are a huge epidemic all across the US. There is not a week that goes by where there is not some school being shut down like the New Jersey school in this story and or parents fighting against uncaring and ignorant administrators do something for their sick children.

NBC Philadelphia reports:

“Holly Glen Elementary School dismissed for the last time for months on Thursday to allow for remediation and repairs after mold was discovered covering ceiling tiles, lockers, and classrooms. The mold was confirmed by tests on Wednesday night.

Now, parents are concerned about how long the mold has been in the building and what risks it posed to their children.

For some parents, though, this is coming too late.

Roberta West says her son got sick at Holly Glen 20-years ago.

“My heart cries for them because my son got very, very sick when he was little when he was at the school,” West said.

While Earling said Holly Glen will be ready for students to return in early 2018, parents are now calling for all schools in the district to be tested for mold.

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