Mold is creepy and will turn up in the scariest of places. It plays toxic tricks on trick or treaters.

In fact, if you are not careful, your children can become very sick on Halloween before they even eat one piece of toxic GMO corn fructose candy.

There is disturbing trend being reported by the media over the last couple years of mold being found by diligent parents in their children’s Halloween costumes and masks.

For example, Tiffany Flemming, a mother from Freeport, New York had recently ordered an Elmo costume online from Toy’s R Us for her two-year-old son. Luckily, she was worried if it would fit her son so she inspected the costume and turned the headpiece inside out, however, she realized that the fit was the least of her worries, according to CBS New York.

The inside of her child’s costume was covered with patches of toxic black mold that could have made him very sick.

Flemming told CBS News; “It’s scary because you don’t think that that’s going to be on something that’s meant to be used on a child. Mold would make him sick even just to wear it for a few hours.”

Here is the video report from CBS News. But this is not the only incident of mold being found in children’s costumes. I have found a few more which I report on below the video.

Just last year, an investigative news piece on the dangers of unclean Halloween masks by CBS New in Dallas-Fortworth, Texas had found that many masks they had tested had harbored dangerous bacteria and toxic molds that can make children very sick.

Please keep in mind that these masks did not have visible signs of bacteria and or mold. They had to take swabs and send them to special laboratory to test the swabs. With that said, it proves that there are many scary toxic dangers that may be found in your child’s Halloween costume that are hidden from plain view.

CBS reports;

“We took the swabs to Armstrong Forensic Laboratory in Arlington to find out if the masks were as scary on the inside as they appeared on the outside. Scientist Karen Deiss found staphylococcus, micrococcus and bacillus. These may sound like big, nasty words, but they are actually fairly common bacteria which, typically, are only harmful to people who are already very ill.

But then came a surprise to Deiss. “This was not what I expected to find,” she said, looking down at several black and white fuzz-covered plates containing germs. “That’s mold. Depending on the mask, it would be right on your face.”

The CBS 11 News I-Team discovered mold growing on several masks. We found curvularia, which is a mold that some research shows can cause pneumonia. We also found bipolaris, which apparently has been known to cause a lung or sinus infection. And, we found aspergillus.

“We have seen aspergillus cause illness in some patients, but these are in very sick patients,” explained infectious disease doctor Cedric Spak of Baylor Medical Center.”

Dr. Spak is putting the toxic facts very lightly because the truth is that Aspergillus is a genus of fungi (molds) that is one of the most common and deadly organisms in existence. It has been estimated by scientists, that there are approximately 600,000 deaths annually worldwide as result of this fungus. Personally, I think the numbers are much higher.

Aspergillus produces aflatoxins that are associated with both toxicity and carcinogenicity in human and animal populations. The diseases caused by aflatoxin consumption are loosely called aflatoxicoses.

Acute aflatoxicosis results in death; chronic aflatoxicosis results in cancer, immune suppression, and other “slow” pathological conditions.

So, what should you do to protect your children from tosic mold and dangerous bacteria on Halloween?

  • Do not let your children wear a Halloween mask.
  • Make your own costume with your children.
  • Do not let your children try on masks at the store without first cleaning them. You can carry around some disinfecting or antifungal wipes to clean off the masks before you try them on.


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