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According to the Advocate, the state health department had shut down the East Baton Rouge Parish Health Unit indefinitely due to a mold infestation this past week. An inspection found the presence of mold throughout the building.

The Advocate had reported; “Dr. Marilyn Reynaud, the Office of Public Health regional medical director, said she and the agency are working with the city-parish to address problems such as leaky roofs, faulty windows and building cracks that contribute to mold.

“Recent air monitoring has discovered elevated levels of mold throughout the building,” she said. “Exposure to mold can cause allergy-like symptoms such as a runny nose and nasal stuffiness, and eye and skin irritation. For some people, including many who are served by the public health unit, exposure to mold can cause more serious complications.”

Reynaud said the Office of Public Health cannot serve patients and clients in a building with known elevated levels of mold.

“Nor is it acceptable for our staff to work in these conditions,” she added.

Robert Johannessen, a spokesman for the Department of Health, said mold remediation will begin in the building this weekend. Afterward, the department and city-parish will assess the next steps, he said.

Clients of the Health Unit should call (225) 342-6933 for more information.”

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