It looks like the Russians know a thing or two about toxic mold. Russian fertilizer mogul Dmitri Rybolovlev (№148 in ranking of Forbes, the state – $ 7.7 billion) purchased Donald Trump’s 33,000-square-foot Palm Beach, Florida home in 2008 for $95 million and later had to tear it down due to serious mold damage.

Donald Trump bought the land and house at auction in 2004 for $ 41.4 million from nursing home tycoon Abe Gosman. He then spent the next two years remodeling the home and then put it back on the market.


Rybolovlev (pictured below) purchased the 6.26-acre beachfront mansion in 2008 for $95 million and later found it infested with mold.


According to Palm Beach Daily News, a meeting of the Commission for Architecture in Palm Beach on March 23 discussion took 25 minutes. As a result of the demolition of the building, four members of the commission voted in favor, three were against. According to the project, along with the structure to be demolished fountain standing at the main entrance.

Fencing around the perimeter, entrance gates, columns and part of the access road leading to the main entrance, as well as a hedge will be saved. Publishing sources said that two or three separate houses can be built on the site of the demolished facility.

Politico reported, “In an interview, Trump shrugged off the Maison de l’Amitie sale as a “small deal,” compared to his other ventures, the way some people might refer to a summer cabin in the woods. “That was a house I bought for fun,” Trump said. He also downplayed his personal investment in the place, saying that he only made minor improvements to the property. “I cleaned it up a little bit, but not too much,” Trump told POLITICO. “The primary thing was, I painted it.” The implication, of course, would be that the price differential between his purchase and sale was almost entirely profit.

Documents submitted in March to Palm Beach’s architectural commission by a private firm retained by the buyer suggest that the actual work was modest. They say Trump had the main house’s interior “remodeled, updating with a new kitchen and dividing a large room to create additional bedrooms and bathrooms,” along with “some minor interior alterations of doors, frames & windows.”

Homes located on the beach or near the beach are very susceptible to growing mold due to the high humidity. But you do not often hear many million dollar homes being completely torn down because of it. My guess is that this Russian billionaire not only knew the dangers of mold, he also had deep pockets which may have influenced city officials into agreeing with the teardown.