The Georgia man who called himself a mold doctor, but was not a doctor, Michael Pugliese has lost his right to sue a former landlord who he claimed made his family sick.

I reported on Pugliese and his company, the National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease in May. He is currently under investigation by the Georgia Composite Medical Board for allegedly calling himself a doctor when in fact he is not a licensed doctor in Georgia or anywhere else. 

Fox 5 News Atlanta reports:

“Why don’t you be a listener instead of a loser?” Pugliese asked when we tried asking him questions outside the Hall County Courthouse. “You’re just a loser destroying people’s lives!”

Perhaps we just caught Pugliese and his companion Deborah Mechwart on a really bad day. The judge had just thrown out their lawsuit on a technicality. The lawsuit claimed mold inside the house they were renting had sickened their family.

Or maybe they just don’t like the FOX 5 I-Team.

“You don’t investigate,” yelled Pugliese. “You don’t ask questions. You’re not a journalist.”

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