JET 24, FOX 66 news in Erie, PA, reported that for almost fourteen years, the Biggs family did not know what was causing their daughter Collette’s illness, until this past fall when they discovered that it was a result of toxic mold inside their home.

“Collette’s health issues began before she was two years old. Since then, she has experienced consistent migraines, nausea, fevers, aches, and cognitive issues. Doctors over the years could not figure out what was wrong with her, until she saw a specialist last year that discovered she was suffering from toxic mold exposure.

The Biggs had their home tested and found severe levels of mold and spores within their home.

They are living in temporary housing, while Collette is experiencing detox treatments to rid her body of the mold.  Now that they are out of the home, the Biggs can take solace in the fact that Collette’s health has begun to improve.”

I would bet a million dollars that there are probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions of sick people around the world who are ill as result of toxic mold in their homes.

Are you sick and do not know why? Maybe you should get a mold test and/or an inspection…

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