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Moe offer’s professional one-hour consultations and 4-month coaching programs that are designed to give your real and safe solutions to your toxic mold problems. Please keep in mind that Moe has gone through this process himself and by doing so, he has learned not only how to successfully heal his son and family with natural healing methods, he also sued his landlord and won.

Now Moe is a highly sought-after expert in the water damage and mold industry. If you decide to hire him, he would be your personal consultant or coach during the process. A friend you can count on.

Moe’s Mold Safe consultations and coaching program will save you months of research and also a lot of money by helping you avoid mistakes that can cost your time and even your health. He can literally save you thousands of dollars by making sure you do not make any mistakes and they can also save your health and your family’s.

We have two option for our consultation services.

  1. 1 Hour Consultation – The cost is only $150 for a one-hour consultation and $75 for every additional half hour.
  2. 4 Month Coaching Program – The cost for our 4-month coaching program is $2,000. Learn more about this program here.

Please do not waste your money, precious time or your health by doing this all alone. We guarantee that they will save you time and money and possibly your health.

To order a professional mold consultation or 4-month coaching program, please call us at 1-855-786-MOLD (6653) or fill out the online contact form below.

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