Many people who have lived or live in older water damaged homes wonder if buying a new home is the best option to ensure they get a mold free property. Unfortunately, that is not always the case as in this story about a family who purchased a brand new Clayton manufactured home in Posey County, Indiana that has extensive water damage and mold growing within the walls.

What pisses me off is that Clayton Homes said the home suffered water damage during transportation, but no one told the new homeowners who had discovered the damage themselves. Also, someone allegedly hired an independent mold inspector to test the home and he said that the black substance growing on the walls was not mold.

In addition, when they attempted to clean up the water damage and mold, the construction crews or whoever they hired did a shoddy job. They didn’t even bother to cover the homeowner’s furniture which most likely caused mold spores to infect their personal belongings.

Channel 14 News reports:

When their new house from Clayton Homes was delivered, they say, they found extensive water damage throughout the house and black mold.

“All the carpet they had to rip out, this entire closet had to be ripped out, because it was all in here and on the outside,” said York, as she gave our cameras a tour of her home.

She says her new furniture wasn’t covered during the cleanup and now has drywall dust on it.

York told us, “You’ve got the drywall mud and paint all over it.”

York says they were supposed to move on July 24th, but that didn’t happen. Now a month later, not much work has been done to find a solution. She says the problem doesn’t stop there.

York says they were on a timeline to move in; they sold their home, and the buyer of their home sold his, but because they have nowhere to go, they’ve had to stay so the buyer has been paying rent at his place.

“Water damage here and its going down the wall,” said York while standing in her master bathroom.

The Regional VP of Clayton Homes tells 14 News water did get in the home during transportation, he says all the drywall and carpet have been removed, but our cameras found it is not yet replaced.

As for the damage, Clayton Homes officials say an independent inspector, who happens to know the homeowners, tested the home and determined, the black substance is not mold.

He says when the home is complete, it will be a brand new home. The Yorks, however, remain skeptical.

“This is where we are now, still waiting to be moved in our home,” said York.

The Regional VP told 14 News that he was going to make a trip out here today to see the home for himself.

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