Some teachers and students at a Bessemer, Alabama school are sick with respiratory problems. Serious water damage and mold can be clearly seen growing on the ceiling tiles of building 60. reported that mold was coming from the insulation of the cooling system. The school was shut down so that a professional mold remediation company will have 24 hour access to the building in order to replace the insulation and tiles, then they will sterilize the whole building.

Dr. Keith Stewart, Superintendent of Bessemer City Schools, said, “There are no signs of toxic mold. But like anything else, it is just not a good idea since the fact that some of the teachers and some of the students have reported that they were having some respiratory problems. And which may or may not been related to the mold. But we just don’t want to take those chances.”

My comment – “It continually amazes me that mold can be seen growing on the ceiling tiles and people are complaining that they are getting sick, but school officials who are not experts on mold, state there are no signs of toxic mold.

I assume these lies are said for liability reasons and to help cover up the fact that the mold is most likely highly toxic.”

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